Totes, Toes and Friends

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My life is utter chaos.

Can anyone relate? We’re in the process of moving my daughter into her own room, which means the upstairs of my house is topsy-turvy as I reorganize and consolidate. It’ll be well worth it if I’m ever done, but right now I could really use about twenty more organizer totes.

And that’s a good thing, too, since I went to a spa/pedicure party tonight with friends from church. I so needed the chance to relax, act crazy, and just be with girlfriends. People who just give my funny looks when I get a bit too hyped on lack of sleep and caffeine.

So what does this have to do with totes you ask? Excellent question, I say.

The emails about the spa night made it clear that I needed to bring a tub to soak my feet in. No problem me thinks until I realize I don’t have one. And of course at this point I’m on my way to a board meeting which I will leave to get to the spa thingy. This, too, is no problem since there is a grocery store on the way. I’ll run in, grab any last minute things my wonderful hostess needs and grab a tub. No can do. I walk the aisles of the grocery store three times. Surely there must be a tub somewhere in the twenty aisles. Nada. Zilch. Nothing.

Becoming a touch frazzled — what a great word — I check out with my four apples and head back to the car. Fortunately there’s a drug store across the parking lot. Certainly that store will have organizers that will work for soaking my tootsies. After two laps I finally asked an employee. Yep, they had em if I wanted ten gallon tubs — a bit much think I.

Oh, by the way, we have these five packs of shoe totes. Perfect! I check out, dodge raindrops and drive to the spa night.

Now picture the sight with me. I’m walking through stores, looking for totes, keeping an eye on my watch as I quickly run out of time, and talk to my sister about one of my manuscripts that she just read. Frazzled hardly began to describe me by the time I reached my friend’s. But God is good. There was the perfect mix of people there, so I could relax and be goofy. Okay, so I went a touch over the edge a couple times. But I relaxed — with each foot soaking in its own plastic tote box.

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