Want a copy of A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island?

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Good morning! With the release of A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island a couple days ago, I’m going to be on lots of blogs in the next couple weeks. Right now there are three chances to win Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island:

Melissa Tagg is hosting me at her blog.
Trish Perry is hosting me at her blog.
Melissa Finnegan hosted me over at her blog, too.

And I’m really excited that one of the great Mackinac Island blogs talked about me yesterday. Bree posts great photos of the island and yesterday’s post had such beautiful photos I can’t wait to return!

So come play at these blogs!

I’d love to know where you love to escape. I’m always looking for a new setting for a book. Leave a comment here and if we reach 15 comments, I’ll add another book to the mix. Facebook or twitter this post and let me know in the comments and I’ll add you again. Follow the blog and let me know and I’ll add another entry. Let’s have fun.

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  1. Last summer Mike and I found our new favorite getaway: Stowe Mountain Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. For those of us who live in the . . . warm state of Texas, Vermont was an amazing respite at the end of July. The lodge was beautiful (it’s a ski resort, but there was lots of other stuff to do there in the summer), the surroundings are breathtaking, and the town in picturesque. We had fun exploring the mountainside. I could totally see it being a setting for a novel. . . .

    Hey. Hmm. Never mind. Maybe I’ll use it myself! (JK)

    Looking forward to reading A Wedding Transpires. Visited Mackinac Island decades ago when we lived in Michigan for a year, and just thought it was amazing.


  2. i have so many places i like to get away to, depending on the season and the circumstances. We live in the Peace River Country of Alberta…that would be a great place for the setting of a novel. i won’t take up time or space here to extol the beauty that surrounds us there! i tweeted and shared this post on facebook, and am a follower as well as get your posts by email. Thank you for a great giveaway

  3. Anni Welborne For some reason, Google is not letting me comment on the blogs. Can’t figure it out. But here’s my comment for your blog: One of our favorite spots is Frankenmuth, Michigan. We honeymooned there in early December, and it was magical! The whole town was totally decked out for Christmas. And Bronner’s was amazing. http://www.bronners.com

  4. I like to escape to an island in Charleston, SC….actually daughter lives there. I am so anxious to win your book!

  5. I have not been to too many different or exotic places, but the Alaskan cruise is definately on mine and my husband’s ‘list of adventures’! I live in central Maryland,and I get my fill of the beach and the mountains, but an iceberg? Now that’s different!
    Great giveawaY! I am really interested in reading the new book!! I’m sure I’ll want to visit the island as well.

  6. Cara, I just read your “I’m Back” blog from the 2010 ACFW Conference. That’s amazing you got to meet Janette Oke! She was the very first Christian author I read way back when I was an a very early teenager. I just finished one of her books last week. I had never heard of it before. It’s called “Another Homecoming”, such a good book. I loved the message it conveyed.

  7. I have an adventuresome spirit and I love caves. My perfect escape is Mammoth Caves..I know this probably seems strange but I love it there. I just can’t get enough of them. Believe it or not exploring them can be very relaxing. Can’t you just wrap your mind around a good book involving caves?!


  8. I would love to escape to a cabin on a lake with mountains in view. Haven’t nailed down the exact place yet because there are so many gorgeous settings. Thanks for sharing and shared with my facebook friends. I can’t wait to read about Mackinac Island!

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