Yet another reason I don’t watch the View

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Homeschooled kids are demented. Hmm. That’s what I’ve been called often. You can watch the clip here. But don’t watch if you don’t want to be annoyed. Ugh. So narrow-minded — and they call conservatives narrow-minded. And skip the first 6 minutes of nothingness.

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  1. I was homeschooled the whole way… I don’t think I’m demented… 🙂 wait.. JK I just tell everybody that I was too smart for school! I would have showed everyone else up! 🙂

  2. You won’t like what I have to say. I’m no fan of The View, but after watching the video, I wasn’t as appalled as you. Demented wasn’t the best word to choose. Given the context of what she said, she probably meant to say that many homeschooled children are antisocial. Her next comment was that “they learn to be scared of other children.” That is an example of antisocial behavior rather than insanity.

    I have the opportunity to observe the social interactions of both homeschooled and public schooled children at church. While my observations are far from scientific, I can usually tell them apart. It is somewhat difficult to define exactly what the difference is. I don’t think it is a difference between being scared of other children or not scared of other children. I think it is more along the lines that homeschooled children tend to lack understanding of how to interact with equals. Cause and effect is debatable, but I tend to think the social differences are a learned behavior. In any case, the comment on The View is not completely without basis.

  3. Homeschooled kids behave better as a general rule, are less cynical, exhibit less discomfort with adults, and depending on the determination and dedication of their parents, have a better and more in depth education.
    (Since the election I don’t need to find any more reasons to be angry, so I skipped the video clip of these thoroughly liberal ladies.)

  4. My 15 year old is home “cyber” schooled, taking classes on-line from an outfit that is an accredited PA school.

    He’s very social, very bright (gifted) and has some ADHD issues. The big school environment doesn’t work for him….the other kids pick on “Mr. Brain” and discourage class participation.

    He had been in a private school specializing in gifted kids with an issue (that’s a common combination) such as ADHD, dyslexia, etc.

    We couldn’t afford to send him to that school this year, tried regular hight school (a disaster) and also tried a Christian based cyber school (too light on education).

    He’s doing well in the new environment. By nature a computer guy who enjoys working alone or online with others, it suits his needs.

    Only drawback: The private school enabled both enrichment and accelleration in subjects. He finished Algebra 1 and 2 in a year, and it normally takes two.

    Thank God there are many choices–public school, private, cyber, home, etc. to suit the varied needs of uniquely created kids.

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