5 Reasons Your Dream is Worth It

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Last weekend, Eric and I got away…just the two of us. It was a much needed time to escape and reconnect. We are in such a busy time that it would be easy to just hang on, bury our heads and focus on simply completing the next task.

Yet as we walked the streets of Nashville, Indiana, and stepped in and out of stores, our conversations turned again and again to dreams. I’m in a good place. God has graced me with 17 books with two more on the way this year. It’s honestly humbling to consider how much He has blessed the dream of my heat to write books others would read.

It’s one of those out there, crazy, check her into the insane asylum kind of dreams. And it’s one I can now pull to the surface periodically and ask God if it’s one He wants me to kill or hold lightly.Yet as we talked about our dreams, one that I’d buried resurfaced.


I also know that my dreams aren’t over with writing. Or teaching. Or my marriage. My kids. My husband. You get the idea.

That’s why I resonated with this chapter so much. In chapter 9, Holley Gerth talks about why our dreams are worth it. Why they matter so deeply, so fundamentally. Here are a few of the reasons she mentions:

1) God doesn’t have a Plan B for you. We need you, just you, to be who you are.

2)You will never feel closer to God than when you’re pursuing a dream. When I am in the midst of chasing a dream, I have to rely on God because I know I don’t have what it takes.

3) Dreams make you come alive. It’s terrifying, exciting, we feel more alive than we have in a long time. I love when she adds that it’s okay to feel happy, blessed and have a full life!

4) Regret hurts more than risk. I want to live my life so that when I get to heaven, I know I did all I could for Him while I was here. I don’t want to let an opportunity pass.

5) My dream is not about me but about Him. It’s about accomplishing His kingdom purposes with my life for His glory.

So how does knowing God doesn’t have a Plan B for you impact your perception of how much your life matters? Or when do you feel most alive and fulfilled? I can’t wait to read your answers!

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  1. I love that last point–about our dreams not being about us, but about God.

    And yeah, I love that line about God not having a Plan B. The cool thing is, I think sometimes I worry that I’ve missed his Plan A. That I messed up and am now in Plan C or D or E…or Z. 🙂 But He already knew each step I’d take, each choice I’d make…and it’s giving myself way too much credit to think I could possibly ruin his Plan A!

    1. Post

      That was probably my favorite reminder, too, Melissa. I do get concerned that I’ve missed Him. That somehow I’ve messed up His best. I need the reminder that I’m not big enough to do that!

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