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What has resonated in my heart with startling clarity is the idea that God is I AM. Not I was (You’re too late. If you’d come earlier, I could have helped you, but it’s too late. You’ve missed your window. So sorry.). Not I will be (You’re too early. You’re not ready. You’re not good enough. You’re not clean enough. You have too much sin still coating your life). Instead, He is the I AM. I AM enough. I AM the perfect sacrifice. I AM the one who took care of it all. I AM the one with a plan. I AM the way. In this moment, I AM.

Your Word: Next Steps

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Now that we’re two months into the year, the word makes a whole lot more sense and is shaking the foundations of my world. There was one last, big I’ll never on my list, and it looks like God is asking me to lay that one down. I kind of hoped He’d forgotten about it, but no such luck. So while I’m getting a sense of where God is going, I’m still not 100% certain, and that’s part of the fun on the journey.

10 Ways Your Word Guides Your Year

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how to find Your Word for 2017. A logical question several of you had was, “Now that I have my word, now what?”

That’s a great question, so today I wanted to share ten ways that a Word can help direct your year. You may find that some or none of these apply to you. If you’ve used the word in other ways, I would love to learn about those, so be sure to leave a comment.

A word can give you a prayer focus. If God has given you a word, a next step is to begin to ask God why. What does He want you to learn as you focus on the word?

The day after…There is peace

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As I write this I am exhausted from watching election night returns into the wee hours of the morning Tuesday/Wednesday. My jaw was on the ground most of the night as the election returns rolled in from across the country. Our hope isn’t restrained by who won or lost the election. @Cara_Putman encourages #hope. Click To Tweet This morning there …

The Power of Allowing God into Our Story

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Today I want to encourage each of you to share your stories. Your story is your testimony and it is powerful. It can point people to Jesus in a life-giving, world-altering way. Have you ever considered that? Have you allowed God to heal the places of brokenness, the places where life has shattered you? You have a testimony. Wonder if you have …

Collision of Logic & Imagination

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I want to suck the very marrow from this life I’ve been placed here to live. I want to know I’ve walked in the destiny of a story that God alone could write. And if that leaves me shaking in my boots, it means I may have actually found my story.

I want to live beyond a logic-driven, left-brain existence, and dive into the land of what-ifs where God resides.