What were Your Early Dreams?

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As some of you know, I’m kicking off an online bookclub here November 1st — nice of the calendar to have that fall on a Friday! Since we’re getting close to the new year (eck!), I wanted to find a book that would dare us to dream bigger with God. I think I’ve found it with You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream by Holley Gerth. You can buy it here at CBD or Amazon. Your local bookstores should have it, too.

This morning I was reading a bit of chapter one and wanted to share a few thought invoking quotes with you.

[God] doesn’t want you to be a “me too” when it comes to your dreams. He wants the one, original you whom he created to do exactly what he made you alone to do. No one else can fulfill your purpose. No one else can make that dream happen. There is no plan B for what God has destined to come into being through you. (Page 19).

Um…wow. Just sit and think about that a minute. Your dream is yours and yours alone. Our dreams may be similar, but they’re as unique as we are. Soak in that for a bit. Let the Holy Spirit whisper the truth of that to your soul.

“Yet in those early dreams [childhood dreams], we often find the seeds of something more God has planted within us.” (Page 14)

When was the last time you stopped to remember your childhood dreams? When was the last time you invited God to walk through those with you and illuminate His light on what each dream shares about you? For me, I wanted to be a writer starting about 13. For many years that dream looked ridiculous, but it never died. Then in God’s timing, He breathed life into the dead bones of that dream and told me to run.

I also wanted to be the next Jane Pauley (remember her) or Sandra Day O’Connor. I’m not either, but those dreams chased me to working at a TV Station in college and law school. All was preparation for what I’m doing now.

Can’t wait to share this journey with you!



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