Pitch Perfect Classic Mystery

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I adore this series! Every time I pick up an installment, I feel like I’m in the middle of a Thin Man mystery. This book, the third in the series, was the best yet. And the ending even felt like a Thin Man because the main suspects were all together in one place. Each story builds the romance between Drew …

How to Help Authors: Write Reviews

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Periodically, I’ll get to spend time with readers or developing writers. I absolutely love it. There’s something so fun about rediscovering books through the eyes of a book club. Or to talk about why they want to write with new writers. Often it will come up that they’d like to help and encourage their favorite authors, but they don’t always know how.

Welcome to College Review

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Today Abigail takes the ACT; next fall she’ll apply to college. This feels so wild and so right. How do I have a child old enough to be doing college visits? Yet I feel like we’ve coached her well and she’s ready for the challenges. Still as a homeschooling mom, I like every tool I can get to help make …

Firefly Summer: Sweet Romance

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Firefly Summer Kathleen Y’Barbo Just about every author I know has one story that is a story of their heart. Some have sold them, others have that story resting in a drawer. Either way, it was a story or characters that had to be written down and captured in pages. For Kathleen Y’Barbo, Firefly Summer is that story. This romance …

3 End of Summer Reads

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Today, I wanted to share a few books that I’ve read in the last few weeks that I thoroughly enjoyed. There are some great reads available right now. I have a feeling one of these will be just what you’re looking for in your next book! In Good Company by Jen Turano My rating: 5 of 5 stars This book …

The Power of a Half Hour

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Life pulls us so many different directions. It’s easy to feel like we are meeting ourselves coming and going. The Power of a Half Hour helped me to remember to pull back and focus on half hour increments and how much can be accomplished in that timeframe. When we refocus, we realize how much can be done in that small segment …

Justified: A Story of Hope

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This week, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is introducing Justified David C. Cook (June 1, 2015) by Varina DenmanMy thoughts: This book is like entering a small town where everybody knows everybody else — good, bad, and ugly. It’s a place of community, but also a place where you can’t hide the consequences of your sin. It’s also a story …

Perfect for Historical Fans: To Win Her Favor

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Tamera Alexander is one of my favorite historical authors. Her novels set in Reconstruction Nashville are sweeping and consuming. To Win Her Favor, her latest novel, is a perfect addition. (You can preorder the Kindle version for $4.99 until the 12th, so snap To Win Her Favor up while you can at that price!) In To Win Her Favor, Maggie Linden finds herself …

Fiction Friday: The Sparrow of Terezin

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Today in Fiction Friday, I want to introduce you to the latest book from my friend Kristy Cambron. In the Sparrow of Terezin, Kristy Cambron has crafted a beautiful story of parallel journeys: a completely free-standing story set during World War II, and the other a continuation of the contemporary story in The Butterfly & the Violin. The pages move seamlessly from …

Fiction Friday: The Inn at Ocean’s Edge

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The Inn at Ocean’s Ridge is Colleen Coble at her best. The story is richly layered around the theme of what makes us a family. Is it blood relationships? Is it love? Is it something else? Claire Dellamare arrives at Hotel Tourmaline ready to help her father close a merger with another company. But the moment she arrives, she has …