5 Ways to Write More than One Book at a Time

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I have often written multiple books at the same time. It’s a part of life when one of your hats is professional writer. But it can also be a real part of the writing journey when you’re getting started writing. The challenge is learning how to juggle the multiple characters, plots, and timelines. Here are a few tips I’ve developed over the years to let me do exactly that:

When You Can’t Go

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ACFW is about three weeks away — Gack! That means there’s a lot of excited chatter…including yours truly. For me, it’s like a once a year family reunion with my writer peeps — including so many of the Writer Alley pals and Grove girl sisters. These folks understand a big piece of my life. This year I’m coleading a continuing education session, so I’ll be pretty busy preparing for that. Today though my heart is turned toward those who won’t be able to attend.

Four Tips when writing about something you’ve never done

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Several years ago when my writing bud Nicole O’Dell asked me if I wanted to be part of a novella collection with her, my initial reaction was “of course!” Nicole is so prolific and accomplished I couldn’t imagine not writing with her. And if it also meant I could help a Valerie Comer, a debut author, get her first contract, …