Finding the Beauty in the Moment

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Life is more than a little hectic right now. And yes, I love it that way…most of the time. I’m much more efficient when I’m running six directions, but it’s not always best for finding those moments to pause.

Sunday, our pastor talked about PLANs. Most of us have one. I live on them. But I’ll confess it’s very easy to get so focused on the plan I lose sight of people. God. Me. Thursday night I was driving back from a friend’s house. They live out in the country and I had to pause twice to snap photos. Fortunately, it’s a very low-traffic country rode.

God has painted amazing sunsets (and even a sunrise I saw) over the last week. But Thursday night it was gorgeous…if only my phone could have captured all the grandeur. The colors were rich, vivid, ever changing. And I was reminded that I serve a God who delights to create. That He does it extravagently…even with the sunsets that disappear in a moment.

Literally 30 feet down the road, I pulled over again. This time I’m sure the neighbors were wondering what was wrong with that crazy minivan driver. I’d spotted a stretch of wildflowers. I’m a sucker for a beautiful flower…especially one that has been placed in an area, it is so easy to drive by and never notice.

How often do I get so focused on my plans that I blow by the people God has placed in my life. Do I slow down to listen, truly listen to their hearts? To the hurts? The joys? The trials? The celebrations?

Do I see the beauty if my little girl’s face as her father bows before her and calls her princess? Do I notice the joy on my 2 year olds face as he talks (too much like a 7 year old) about what he did with a friend? Do I stop to listen to the servant heart of my 9 year old? To celebrate the growing womanhood of my almost teenager (23 days. Just ask…she’ll tell you!)

I’m asking God to give me eyes that in the midst of the hurry and doing, I see the beauty of the moments He has planted me in and the beauty of those He’s planted around me.

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