God is Good.

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Last week I did a great job of getting morning devotions in. Serious time with God. Reading the Bible, journaling, praying. Seeking Him. And then the rest of the day would happen. Taking that time seemed to push the rest of the schedule off.

It’s been a long week. It’s been a long summer. It’s been a long year.

There’s been so much good, but there’s been this one circumstance that has not gone at all like I expected. I researched, I planned, I prayed. And it has been a shadow over this year. And right about the time I hope, pray and plead that it is over, it looks to ramp up again.

And that shadow has felt like two steps forward, one and a half (maybe two) steps back. It’s tentacles ruined my Friday night. A new sliver ruined Sunday night. And I wrestle and I wait and I try to pray.

Instead so often, my prayers sound like the pleas of a lost girl. God, where have You gone? What have I done wrong? How did I miss You in all of this? 4 Truths for hard days- 1) God is good.2)

Have I? Or is this just one of those challenging experiences?

I wish I knew the answer. Instead, I have to cling to what I do know:


So today as I long for answers and a conclusion, my heart prays for you…my friends and sisters who find yourself in similar circumstances. Life hasn’t gone the way you thought or dreamed or planned. It may not be the end of something or devastating, yet it casts a shadow. And others of you are experiencing an event that feels like death. For all of us I know these truths remain.

God is good.

God never changes.

He loves me completely.

And He will turn this into good.

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  1. Cara, God’s timing is perfect. I needed to hear this today. And it goes right along with what He showed me in my devotion time this morning.

    I’m working through “Becoming a Woman Whose God is Enough” by Cynthia Heald, and there’s a quote in it by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones that says, “Hold on to the faithfulness of God. Believe, when you do not understand, that he knows all about you, that he is committed to taking care of you. He has promised it.”

    Hopefully we can find joy in those moments when life doesn’t go as we expect. Or at the very least, find a dose of God’s peace.

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