Where’s God Pushing You?

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This weekend has been a wonderful writing one. Through God’s grace I wrote 10,000 words — and I think I’ll get to keep most of them. Scenes for the novella that’s due October 18th are rolling through my fingertips.

I am so grateful.

You see, my plate is overloaded. There I said it. Willingly.

Yet I

know I’m where God wants me…with a bunch of balls that seem to teeter on the brink of tumbling around me.

Still I have peace I am where God wants me in this season. Why? Because He opened the doors and Eric and I were in agreement. It doesn’t mean this won’t be a season of intense work. But what it does mean is I’m already anticipating a period of rest around Christmas.

God reminded me last week when I was ready to panic that He wouldn’t call me to something without equipping me. I know from past intense seasons that doesn’t mean it will be easy. Often, the most intense seasons are filled with hard work. Hard. Work. Intense. Sweat. Longing for balance. But I’ve learned that when I fall into Him, God meets me. He gives me tools I didn’t know I had. He supplies the things I know I don’t have.

Sometimes I have to humble myself and ask for help. But He will meet me and provide the tools. Right now I’m praying for wisdom to understand accounting and economics. I’m asking for creativity to tell stories that matter for His sake. I’m asking for extra doses of energy and patience. That I’ll have extra grace with the kids. I know myself. More importantly, He does, too.

So where is G

od pushing you? Are you trusting Him? Willing to jump off the building into the dream He has for you? Trusting Him to meet you with the tools and grace you need?

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  1. Where is God pushing me? He’s challenging me to trust him, more and more. When life doesn’t make sense: trust him. When I don’t know what’s going to happen next: trust him. When my to do list is greater than my energy: trust him.
    Like you, I’m believing him as I live my dream — and trusting him even as the dream changes in ways I hadn’t imagined. Trust is a choice — a setting of my heart and mind.

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