He knows Your Name

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I am someone who worships and prays through songs. It’s not unusual for there to be a song that resonates more than others. These songs simply minister to me where I am in that season. Lately, it’s been this song by Francesca Battistelli.

There is such freedom when we embrace the reality that we have all we need in God. When I grasp that He adores me, then I’m not nearly as concerned about what other people think of me. In those moments, I don’t have to seek my identity in the applause of those around me…or feel a deep sense of loss and emptiness when I don’t get it. Let’s face it: there’s a special relationship between a Father and His daughter.

When that relationship works, the daughter has a certainty that she is deeply loved for who she is. Looks aren’t important to her daddy. Instead, he is captivated by who she is. Her talents, her personality, her soul.

When a young woman knows she is adored by her daddy, she doesn’t seek other relationships to fill that void. Instead, she has a confidence that comes from knowing the one who matters most sees who she is and finds her worthy of love.

When this happens, she knows he knows her name…and will never forget. This gives her the inner strength to move through hard days, to tackle challenging tasks, to dig deep when it’s called for.

If this doesn’t exist in earthly forms, remember the perfect Father is God. I’m blessed because I have a great dad, but if you haven’t, you can still experience of knowing you are accepted and known.

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