The Power of Allowing God into Our Story

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unlocking-the-powerToday I want to encourage each of you to share your stories. Your story is your testimony and it is powerful. It can point people to Jesus in a life-giving, world-altering way. Have you ever considered that?

Have you allowed God to heal the places of brokenness, the places where life has shattered you? You have a testimony.

Have you asked God to change your story like He’s changed your name. Then you  know and understand your story the way that He sees it. You have a testimony

Do you see your places of brokenness as your places of greatest ministry because you have allowed God to move in and the Holy Spirit to heal you? Then you have a testimony.

Do you see your moments of shame as clothed in the blood of Jesus? Then those are part of your story, but the shame doesn’t have victory over you. You have a testimony

Do you understand who you are in the kingdom of heaven?

* That where Satan says you are broken, God says you are home.

* That where Satan says you are worthless, God says you have immense value.

* Where Satan says you cannot make a difference in this world, God says you were placed here for such a time as this.

It’s from these points of truth that you wield your testimony. Then you are ready with the Holy Spirit says to speak. Then you can use grace and truth in love when sharing your story. It’s not a club but it’s a tool of healing and redemption.

If you believe all of this, then you understand that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony and that your testimony is your story. Revelations 12:11

What’s your story? What’s your testimony embedded in your story?


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