Fiction Friday: Three Book Smorgasborg

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Today, I want to introduce you to three books I have enjoyed…and they are all unique. Gotta love that. A bit of something for everyone. There the sweet contemporary romance Where Two Hearts Meet, which is a vacation to Prince Edward’s Island. Then there’s Julie Klassen’s latest Regency novel The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill, which is much more than a romance. It’s a richly layered story with a host of characters telling their stories. And last there is the Domino Effect, something of a financial thriller, with a love interest. All unique but good.

Where Two Hearts Meet is Caden Holt’s story. A baker and chef, she is as unsure of herself as she is sure that PEI is the only place in the world for her. Adam Jacobs has been sent to the B&B she works at on an enforced vacation. Traumatized by events he experienced while embedded with a military unit in the Middle East, he thinks he doesn’t have a choice, while Caden and the rest at Red Door Inn are convinced he’s the journalist who will save the inn. The small town charm and characters from the prior book along with a nemesis for Caden and enough sparks to keep romance readers engaged. Caden has to choose whether to believe someone can actually love her for who she is, while Adam has to learn to let go of events he can’t control. I thoroughly enjoyed each page of Where Two Hearts Meet.

The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill deviates a bit from the author’s prior books because it is a more sweeping story that encompasses a host of characters. I enjoyed each page and found myself wishing for more time to read about Jane and Thora. While there are hints of romance between several characters, this story is really the story of Jane and her mother-in-law Thora and their efforts to save the family’s inn. I almost wonder if Ruth and Naomi are a bit of inspiration, though the romances don’t flow from that Biblical account. Jane has allowed life to flow around her for years, and now she is forced with the option of drown or do something. Reluctantly she decides to engage and crawl from her grief. Thora must also decide what she wants her life to look like as she is a widow in her middle years. Both are fighting for the Bell, but must also decide whether to fight for the lives they want to lead. This story drew me back page after page and I am eager for future installments. Please tell me there are more coming!

For those who have read prior books by Julie Klassen be aware that the pacing and ensemble cast makes this book different from her prior books.

The Domino Effect is completely different from the prior two books. This is the story of a brilliant woman with a pain-filled past and present who is aware of a looming economic crisis. As the lead analyst at a colossal bank, she has access to information and the ability to piece together that data to see that the crisis is imminent and will be catastrophic. As she becomes surrounded by a slowly growing cast that believes in what she sees and knows, she begins to realize she doesn’t have to be alone anymore. The plot twists and turns with the question of will Esther be able to protect those who take her advice from the projected crash. There’s an even greater question of will she be able to abort or short-circuit that crash. Add in a slim thread of romance, and this is an enjoyable read for those who like romantic suspense with a twist.

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