9 Essentials for Moms or the Grace to Mother Well

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When I had the idea for this post, I had grandiose dreams of spinning out a though-provoking and challenging post. One that would encourage all of us to aspire higher. To dare to be the mothers who live out the fruit of the Spirit as we parent the little people God has gifted to us.


But instead, I stand before you as a mom who doesn’t always have it together. A mom who is all too often short on patience. The moment I think I’m making great strides forward is the moment something will happen, something minor, and I snap. All out of proportion to the event. All because I am woefully lacking in kindness. Or my love cup is so empty I have little to offer my kids.

Yes, all of us should strive to live lives that offer our kids the fullness of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Self-Control and the fruit I can never remember, but my 7 year old can sing to me thanks to Sunday School. I do long for that.

sunset skiesBut the reality is I fall far short of it. On my best day, I am a poor reflection of what God offers my children. He is the perfect Father. He is the one who will always be there, discipline perfectly, reward appropriately, and develop the character that each of my children will need to be the people God has called them to be in the time and world that He chose for them.

Until then, I am a caretaker in need of fountains of grace. Grace that acknowledges I am all too human. Grace that admits I will never be the perfect mother no matter how much I long to be. Grace to admit that each day I can try to follow Christ a little more and in that following maybe, just maybe, I’ll be molded more into His image and bear more of His fruit.

But until then, I will rely on His grace and mercy. And I will trust God to fill the gaps and cracks that I cannot. And I will depend on the knowledge that no matter how much I love my children, He loves them infinitely more. And if all they learn from me is that one fact. If they experience that to the depths of their souls, then that is all that really matters.

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