An Unexpected Pause

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10410-my-grace-is-sufficient-for-you-for-my-power-is-made-perfectThis week I got hit with the stomach bug — hence no midweek post. It laid me flat on my back. Fortunately, it was quick. 

But I’ve thought about grace as my plans for this week exploded around me. Two days of school gone thanks to the stomach bug. But God’s grace showed up in so many ways in the midst of it. I have four amazing kiddos who were able to more than fend for themselves while mom was down and out. The 13 year old even kept the house organized while they were doing it. Did they watch more TV than I would have allowed otherwise? Yep. Does it mean we didn’t go on a field trip this week? Yep. But they’re fine.

Not only could they fend for themselves, they showed caring hearts as they brought me water, crackers, found sparkling water and fruit juice for me. I realized that somehow in the realness of living life, they’d picked up on what to offer someone who’s had the bug. They knew how to offer comfort with a quick shoulder rub and kind words. Their words showed their hearts and I was humbled.

It’s easy to get caught up in the character growth I would like to see in them. To focus on the areas we aren’t quite hitting a ten. Then God peels back the layers and lets me see the hearts He’s given them. Hearts that want to serve. Comfort. Make sure everything is okay.

And I realize yet again that it what really matters. I didn’t think we’d take a spring break and certainly didn’t think we’d take it because mom was sick, but two days off won’t effect their life stories. We’ll still conquer algebra, world history, and more. Maybe it’s in the pauses that we can best be His hands and feet.

I don’t pause well. But this week I had to. And in that pause I saw His character exhibited by my kids and I was blessed.

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