Fiction Fridays: The Captive Imposter

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The Captive Imposter  is a sweeping love story set during the Gilded Age by my friend Dawn Crandall. The heroine is impersonating a lady’s companion for the heroine’s protection after her brother is killed in a prior book. When her lady decides to visit a hotel in the middle of the Maine woods, Elle is thrust into the middle of a hotel that her family owns and she’s always wanted. It’s harder to keep up the charade — especially when the manager of the hotel begins to spend time with her. Dexter is enigmatic, but as Elle gets to know him she is pulled to his heart. The only problem is he doesn’t know who she really is.

This story is told in first person and it works so well. I was completely entranced with Elle and wanted to know how her story would unfold. The writing is vivid, absolutely sucking me into the story. And the characterization is rich. There are some great secondary characters who seem superficial when first introduced, but then their backstory is revealed bit by bit adding further depth to the story.

The Captive Imposter is perfect for readers who love a historical set in the late 1800s who love a strong romance with a thread of mystery. This is first and foremost a romance — and one well worth reading.

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