Fatal Exchange: pulsing romantic suspense

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One of my favorite types of book to read is a romantic suspense that moves. Give me characters I can connect with an intricate crime or ticking time bomb, and I’ll be hooked through the pages. Fatal Exchange, the latest from Lisa Harris, is that kind of book. I LOVED Fatal Exchange! The pacing is fast — 85% of the plot happens in one day. It is tightly woven with an intricate plot. The action doesn’t slow until the end. By that point, the characters need a chance to catch their breath. There is a romance, and because of the hero and heroine’s past, it works even under the very tight timeline. The Christian thread only enhances the story. I loved this romantic suspense and the way it weaves in characters from a prior novel. It stands on its own and has me itching to read the next Lisa Harris novel.

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