How to Catch a Prince: Love Well

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Rachel Hauck writes what I call supernatural romance. Or spiritual fairytales. Whatever you call them, her books are rich romances with strong spiritual truths woven through the story in such an organic way I can’t imagine the stories without them. How to Catch a Prince is no different.

In How to Catch a Prince, a series of secrets has kept Corina and Stephen apart while also binding them together. The future seems settled until the whisper “Love well” breathes across Corina’s heart. The tension pulls them together and thrusts them apart while the past forms a barrier that seems insurmountable.

Love well.

It’s an urging that resonates. What does it mean to love well? How does one do it? This novel whispers at the power of the concept while issuing a challenge wrapped in a romance that is laced with attraction, desire, and secrets dark enough to keep them apart forever.

How to Catch a Prince is perfect for those who love modern fairytales and a book with rich spiritual threads. Think grown up Princess Diaries.

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