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I have long enjoyed Irene Hannon’s romantic suspense — so much that I preordered this one, and with each new book I wonder if she’ll be able to recapture that perfect mix of engaging story and characters I enjoy getting to know. Vanished does both of those. The heroine, Moira Harrison, gets lost in a thunderstorm and loses control of her car when someone appears in front of it. After the accident she tries to find the person she hit, but that person had vanished. As an investigative reporter, she can’t let the matter go, even when the police can’t find evidence she hit anyone. So she turns to a private investigator for help.

Thus launches a story. Relatively early on, we know who the bad guy is, so it seems a forgone conclusion that they’ll get him. But the bad guy is a powerful figure with so much good you wonder if he could really be it. But there’s plenty of bad mixed in to make me
want him to get caught. Then there’s the romance. The book is heavy on that ala Dee Henderson, and it’s a very satisfying part of the book.

Those who love romantic suspense that’s heavier on the romance will enjoy this read. I can’t wait to read the stories of the other investigators — they are great heroes in waiting.

Because I bought a copy of this book in addition to receiving one from the publisher, I want to give one away. All you have to do is participate below.

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Comments 22

  1. I love Irene Hannons books along with Lynette Eason and Dee Henderson and many others.Vannished sounds exciting..looking forward to reading it.donitacorman@

  2. I love all those authors. Frankly, I love the diversity of authors that write. No matter what I’m in the mood for, there’s usually a book, or two, or three waiting to be read!

  3. Wow… tough question. Dee Henderson is the first to come to mind because she has so many wonderful books available. Lynette Eason is doing a fabulous job. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading Irene Hannon’s books yet. I could probably name several more, but I’m drawing a blank. Thanks for offering your contest. I’d love to be a winner!

  4. Dee Henderson is a favorite. One of the few writers that I stopped my usual speed reading, slowed down and savored. I typically don’t keep books, either, but pass them on to family and friends, but hers I kept and every few years go back and read again.

    I don’t recall having read anything by Irene Hannon. Would love the opportunity to win this book!

  5. I really don’t know – I am a friend of Sandra Orchard, so I usually think of her first, when it comes to romantic suspense.
    Really would love to read this book, though!!

  6. It is hard to choose one favorite. I like books by Dee Henderson, Lynette Eason and Mindy Starns Clark. Years ago I used to read a lot of romantic suspense by authors such as Helen MacInnes, Mary Stewart, Victoria Holt, and Daphne du Maurier.
    I haven’t read any of Irene’s books but I’ve been reading a lot of good reviews of her book, so guess it needs to go on my “look for” list.

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