What do you love about Jesus?

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This week I’ve been thinking about what draws me into relationship with Jesus. Being me, I posed that question to my Facebook friends. The responses were challenging, inspiring, and all point to qualities of Christ. So I want to ask you the same thing as we head into the weekend. What do you love about Jesus?

Here’s mine: I love that I can rest in the truth that His plan for me is good. And even when life is terribly hard, He promised to never leave me and to turn what our enemy intended for evil into something good and beautiful. And when I ask, sometimes He lets me see exactly how He’s doing that.
Here’s what my friends said:
  • His forgiveness for anything.
  •  That His love is unconditional.
  • His love for us all.
  • That He “gets” me…. understands me in a way that no one else ever does or ever will…. 
  • His generosity.
  • His Love and Care.
  • “it’s the little things” that make me know I am special to Him – pretty hard to comprehend that the maker of the universe knows us each so well.
  • His consuming love!
  • His mercy!
  • That He is my Rock when things around give way!
  • That He died for my sins.
  • Even though it’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes, I love that Jesus, both in his character and his physical life here on earth, constantly shows me that I’m not a perfect human being. Whenever I become full of spiritual pride and think that I am better than others around me, I am always humbled when I see the perfect example of godly living that Jesus left for me to follow.
  • He humbled himself to be born as a child, grew into manhood, and accomplished all that was prophesied about him. He bore my sins and died for me (& all who will believe upon him). Not only was God gracious & merciful in sending his son Jesus, but Jesus was Obedient to the Father. What a LIVING example to try to emulate. Love Unconditionally w/o Reservations. And for All Eternity!
  • His unconditional love. It overwhelms me and drops me to my knees!
  • That he knows the real me and loves me anyways. That his love us unconditional. He provides, blessed and strengthens me daily. That he never fails. There are so many reasons it would be hard to list them all.
  • That He even bothers to love me.
  • That he was in no way religious but showed us how to live outside the box free to be who He made us to be.
  • His grace!!!
  • That he knows me and loves me anyway,
  • I can never get enough of Him. There truly is no one else that makes me smile as much as Him.
  • His steadfastness! He’s my Rock!
  • That He would die on the cross for me…
  • His everlasting love , mercy and grace! What a wonderful Savior we have. There is no way we can describe all He is to us.
  • He feeds people
  • Faithful and True
  • That he died for all our Sins!
  • That if I was the only sinner – He still would have died for me…oh what love!
  • HIS unwavering FORGIVENESS & LOVE
  • His love never fails
  • That he is everfaithful and I am so blessed to be his child!
  • I love the fact that He has so much grace. When I fail He is not there to condemn me but help me up and keep me going.
  • His unconditional, self-sacrificial love shining from His eyes… Oh how I love Jesus… because He first loved me… as the song goes.
  • His ultimate love & commitment to his Father & the reflection of the Fathers’ love for us! And everything mentioned above!:-)
  • That He’s my big brother.

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